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Never At A Loss For Words

As the fourth quarter gets started, the students of Mercy High School are all working hard, especially our Convergence of Media students. They started the semester learning about how to write articles, how to properly interview someone, and how to work the Mercy Tea Time website. There has been a lot of practice with the mics and tripods. The girls have been working on interviewing and how to properly write an article by interviewing fellow Mercy students and teachers. For some assignments they interviewed another person in the building and asked them 6 questions. Some of the people interviewed include Dr. A, Ms. Umstead, Ms. Mousel, and many outstanding students. There were even some articles ranging from being new to Mercy to fun places in downtown Omaha. 

Now that the fourth quarter is here, these Convergence of Media students are ready to share news about everything from around Mercy to around the world. With all this practice they are ready to provide even better and entertaining content for the students, faculty, and other readers of Mercy High Tea Time.  

Convergence of Media follows a very tight, important schedule, and posts new news every Tuesday and Thursday, promising you 9 new pieces every Tuesday and 10 every Thursday. The girls are already busy at work with having their first Tuesday project due earlier this week, and their Thursday projects due later in the week.

This past Tuesday they have posted projects called The ACT; TheImpact of OnToCollege, A Sneak Peek Into Art 2023 Oscars Fashion: A Review, Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, What’s With All the Traffic, O”mmm” Aha Coffee Shops, Kaleidoscope At Mercy, and The Seniors’ Next Step.

The wonderful Convergence of Media class includes Mrs. Klein, Bee Hampton, Zsa Zsa Gomez, Alyssa Wood, Katie Hill, Emily Kwapnioski, Valeria Figueroa-Garcia, Grace Denning, Rae Barton, Imani McAllister, and  Lauren Maass. All of these hard working girls are never at a loss of words and are well prepared and ready to provide amazing and entertaining content for everyone.  

The girls hard at work
Katie Hill
Lover of music and the Lorax.
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