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PA as an underclassman

On January 11, 2022, MHS juniors put on the annual “prom announcement”, or PA. PA is a favorite tradition of many teachers and students. One of the best kept secrets at Mercy, PA announces the theme of prom for the seniors. The seniors spend all year trying to wiggle out parts of the theme from the juniors. It’s announced throughout the whole school and no cheers are held back. The student body files into Franey Hall and watches the juniors put on a play to reveal the theme, location, and the colors of prom. After the play, the juniors and seniors get the rest of the day off.

The theme this year is “The Final Clue”. The play was an original interpretation of the movie Clue. It was a classic murder mystery to reveal the secret the seniors have been dying to know all year.

Our PA directors and junior sponsors put so much time and effort into the show and it paid off tremendously. They casted the people and helped build the sets, all while keeping the secret from the whole school. Of course, in true 2022 form, nothing would be normal without Covid making things a little difficult. Nonetheless, our juniors did a fabulous job.

For freshmen and sophomores like me, this was technically our first PA. Last year, instead of the regular play, it was filmed in advance and shown to the juniors and seniors in a movie theater. So for all of the underclassmen, we were all unaware of what to expect this time. For us sophomores, we know we have a lot to live up to next year when we begin to plan our PA. “I thought it was really cool, and how they dropped subtle hints throughout the play” said Emma Gallagher ’25.

Overall, for the underclassmen, our first “real” PA was all it was hyped up to be! 

Maggie Barta
Future contestant on Cake Wars
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