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Hoppy Easter from Mercy High School

Easter is approaching fast and Mercy is prepared! Over the weekend, the school hosted a scavenger hunt and offered other Easter activities for kids and their parents. It was welcome to anyone who wanted to participate and a way for alumnae to visit Mercy. It was a fun way to show families in the Omaha area what Mercy has to offer in high school. Ms. Mcgill, Ms. Parr, and Ms. Paladino were the people who ran the event and kept it running smoothly. Ms. Parr’s mom even showed up to provide whatever help she could.

playing bingo!

Some of the student ambassadors were there as well to help host and assist the teachers. They planned lots of fun events including an egg hunt, a round of bingo, and guessing how many jelly beans were in the jar. Senior, Skylar Zoucha, was there as one of the ambassadors. She says, “It encouraged people to stay connected to the Mercy community and the little kids had a ton of fun.” It was an hour long full of fun and time to prepare for Easter. 


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