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Keeping the Fun in Challenging Times

Senior McKenzie, Clare, and Clara enjoying their Spirit Week.

The recent outbreak of the pandemic has changed a lot for most people. Education was changed. Social lives were ended. Jobs were lost. Although there has also been a significant change in what’s going on around the world, Mercy has been trying to make the most of it. Mercy and the people behind it have put in hard work to make sure students are still having fun and enjoying the education they are receiving. 

One way Mercy achieved this is by adopting the hybrid school model. Many schools chose to go back to full attendance but for Mercy that isn’t necessarily the safest option. Many other schools went back to school in a full remote learning model. Mercy students have had enough online learning in the spring. The teachers and faculty worked hard to be able to be hybrid. This way the girls are still learning in a fun and educational way, but being safe at the same time. 

Another way Mercy continues the fun is through doing little things. There are many traditions people prior to this year probably took for granted. Again, Mercy staff is doing everything they can to give us some of the normal opportunities. For example, during Spirit Week, we still had the typical dress up days. Mercy girls still participated in warm fuzzies. The latest thing the staff has done is allowing the students to eat with friends. 

Although a lot has changed this year, Mercy is still the same fun school it has always been.

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