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A couple of weeks ago Broadway actress Laura Benanti posted a video encouraging students who didn’t get a chance to perform their spring musicals for an audience to post a video of them singing their songs on Twitter.

She said, “I know for me, my high school musical was a lifesaver. I want to see you. I want to hear it.”

After the video was posted it blew up, and still, over two weeks later, students are still sharing their songs and some of them are even getting attention from big name actors like Ben Platt and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Millions of videos have been posted and it has been a great way for high school students to get the recognition and attention that they deserve after their hard work.

Since this has been gaining so much attention, Benanti felt it would be important not only to include high school graduates but college grads as well. She took to Twitter saying, “Performing Arts Students meant to graduate college in 2020- I am so sorry that your showcases are canceled! Please submit your videos to Instagram and Twitter! Tag #SunshineSongGrads! Industry friends (agents, managers, casting directors, theater/tv/film folks) please check them out!” She also pushed to include the technical and dancing side of theater saying, “Songs, monologues, dance performances, costume designs…if you were working on it I wanna see it. Shine on!” Over the past few weeks she has been responding to thousands of young artists and congratulating them on their work. She is definitely making sure this work does not go unnoticed and pushing these young artists along as they continue their careers after this time of isolation is over.

This has been a great way for a young thespians to stay entertained while stuck inside–not only being able to share their own art, but also to congratulate other students on what they’ve been working on.

This Twitter trend has really allowed the class of 2020 thespians to come together during this dark time and share their talents with one another. We are truly all in this together. Shine on!

Anna Buck
“Being true to yourself never goes out of style.” - Elle Woods
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