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How to Study For a Test

As a high school student, I have learned that studying is very important to be
successful in high school. Studying, especially for tests, is my least favorite thing to do, but I have found ways to do it in a relaxing, non-boring way.

First, you have to stay relaxed and focused. Stressing out is just going to make you forget the material and having distractions takes away your study time. To help stay focused, put your phone on silent and set it aside.

Child taking a test.

Second, take a minute or two to look over the material. This helps engrave it in your head so it’s easier to remember for the test. If it helps, you can listen to music to help block out anything that might be happening in the background, such as a dog barking or cars driving by. Listening to music helps me because the music helps me remember the material to the beat of the songs. Looking over the material with music is also relaxing because you aren’t focused on how boring studying is, and you kind of forget you’re studying too.

Last, you can have a parent or friend quiz you on the material. Having another person around is better than studying alone because you don’t get distracted with your phone or the TV. Parents quizzing can result in serious studying because they also push you to remember by saying things like “You got this!” The person quizzing may also give you tips to help you remember the material.

These steps for studying will help you with any test that may stress you out.

Brynn Ruch
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