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Let’s TACObout The Food Sale!

Mercy holds two student negotiated tuition fundraisers a year in which all students participate. We start the year with the Red Wheel Food Sale in November, and end with the Plant Sale in the spring. Between the two, students must raise a minimum of $400 in sales. It is really cool that Mercy is able to have these fundraisers to help give anyone the opportunity to attend our amazing school. 

Working away!

On November 13th, Mercy girls had to pick up their sales. Red Wheel has a wide variety of foods available from cookies, enchiladas, tacos, pizzas, and much more. To get the word out about the fundraiser, girls contact neighbors, family, and friends and advertise the catalog. This year, there was an option for people to donate money to Mercy instead of buying food. This way, 100% of the benefactors’ money goes toward the $400 instead of half of the sales when buying food. Buying and selling food not only supports the school, but also results in delicious snacks!

The day the food arrives, Franey Hall turns into a freezer. Mercy teachers and students help distribute the food. Each teacher picks a theme for their student helpers to dress in. Students assist fellow classmates and their parents by helping in the carry-out process. 

“Santa’s Crew”

For the students who go above and beyond by selling the most food, there are cash prizes. First place gets $250, second place gets $150, third gets $75, and fourth place goes home with $50.  The food sale has turned into a friendly competition around Mercy that assists with negotiated tuition.

Sabrina DeGeorge
Senior at Mercy on OO core team and Chief Editor for Tea Time.
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