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College and Career Day for Mercy Seniors

Every year, Mercy freshmen, sophomores, and juniors take the PSAT here at school.

University of Iowa Campus
Photo: University of Iowa

For the first time this year, seniors experienced something different. They were able to go out and explore different colleges or careers.

With a five day weekend, some students stayed in Omaha to tour a local college or job shadow, while others were able to travel to another state to tour colleges or job shadow.

St. Louis University Campus
Photo: Emma Johnson

Madeline Riesberg, senior at Mercy, visited the University of Iowa. She enjoyed the day to experience a new campus, and she said she, “figured out that I really like the campus and the school provides a ton of opportunities that would help a lot in the future.”

Emma Johnson at SLU
Photo: Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson, another senior at Mercy, had the opportunity to go to St. Louis, MO to tour St. Louis University with former Mercy girl Emily Bragg ‘18. She enjoyed the long break because she was able to “have time to travel to a university and experience the town more than I would have on a one day trip.”

This day proved extremely beneficial to the seniors. Riesberg believes this day should be continued because “it gives seniors a chance to go out and find what they are interested in – whether it’s in regards to future colleges or possible careers.”

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