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Political Blog- Student Council

Fall is here, which means it’s time to start planning for Nocturne. Our Student Council plans our Spirit Week leading up to our extravagant “homecoming” dance, Nocturne. Although they are the wizards behind the curtains, all Mercy girls can participate in the first stage of the planning process. 

Student Council hosts an open meeting every year where all students are allowed to come and share their ideas. This is the perfect opportunity to put your creative thoughts into what you think would be a fun theme! For those interested in having a say on the theme for this year’s Nocturne, you should attend the meeting on Tuesday, October 15th at 3:05 in Ms. Marcuccio. 

The student council girls love hearing everyone’s ideas on how to make our school even better than it already is. Mercy is a “democracy” in which all students get the freedom to vote. Being in an all-girl community allows everyone to gain the confidence they need. So when the butterflies are ready to leave the cocoon, they feel more than prepared to vote in the “real world.” Our student body president, Sophie Harvat, gave her opinion on how she believes this meeting helps them get started for the planning process, “I find the open meeting so helpful and fun. It is an awesome way for us to hear everyone’s opinions. At the open meeting anyone who wants to join in on the ideas can come and give their suggestions. It’s a great way to get everyone involved!” 

After the open meeting and the brainstorming, student council makes a voting poll. Each student gets to vote for the theme they like best, and then student council will perform a little skit to announce the result! During this assembly we find out what to dress up as each day, the colors for Nocturne, and they also announce Nocturne Court, which is also part of the voting process! Nocturne is a long-standing event at Mercy that signifies our homecoming tradition. 

Sabrina DeGeorge
Senior at Mercy on OO core team and Chief Editor for Tea Time.
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