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Mercy’s Calling

Every year, the development office enlists the help of Mercy girls to call donors across the nation. All proceeds go directly toward Mercy’s annual campaign for its unique negotiated tuition program. Roz Parr, Alumnae and Annual Gifts Officer, states, “Phonathon is vital to Mercy because it’s the way we renew tuition support. The money raised during Phonathon allows Mercy to offer scholarships and tuition assistance to our current Monarchs!”

Girls spend time calling after school and into the evening. Even though girls are given a script to follow, they often find themselves having genuine conversations with the donors about what’s new at Mercy and what they’re involved in. For all their hard work, the development office provides tasty snacks and raffle prizes during their calling shift.

Sophomore Joan McKenna makes a call

This is my 4th year volunteering with the Phonathon. As a freshman, I was scared to call people. Now I love talking with alumnae and friends of Mercy to find out what Mercy means to them. “It’s important that students help call because our donors love hearing from students. They give to Mercy because they love our students. Plus, it’s a great way for students to show their gratitude”, Parr expresses.

Having girls directly call the donors creates a special personalized touch that you can’t simply find within other institutions’ fundraising methods. The Phonathon is an event like no other. It creates an unmatched bond between the donors and students, which trickles down to benefit the school as a whole.

Katherine Tietjen
college football enthusiast and future dog mom
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