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The All Girl Advantage

The feeling hit me sitting in my freshmen theology class. I thought, “Woah there aren’t any boys sitting next to me.” This was an epiphany for me. I now had the freedom to speak my ideas, express my opinions, and stand for my values with those who couldn’t wait to do the same. Many freshmen have the same experience as I did while sitting in class.

Mercy High School has shaped me into a confident leader, fearless of anything standing in front of my dreams. After reaching out to various Mercy girls, they’ve all agreed on one common theme tied directly to their all girl education: their ability to express themselves. Junior Erin Epp states, “The amazing thing about an all girl school is that everyone is always encouraging you and boosting your self confidence.”

Capturing the Sisterhood

A common misconception of an all girl education is that its students may not know how to function outside of that environment. One can look toward various alumni of Mercy High School, and other all girl institutions, to see that this is simply not true. Singer Lady Gaga, soccer professional Abby Wambach, and our very own Principal Mrs. Wessling are direct products of a strong female education.

An all girl education forms compassionate leaders for tomorrow. I can’t wait to take my values and qualities from my all girls education into my future. I can truly say Mercy’s all girl education has transformed the way I think and act. I now feel prepared to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

Katherine Tietjen
college football enthusiast and future dog mom
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