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God is Calling (Better Answer)

Current Mercy girls have noticed recently that some school days have started with two and a half hours of unpredictable talks or events. These days are a part of a new program called “Kaleidoscope”.

The juniors are learning with the John Baylor program in assistance to do well on the ACT. The freshmen have been de-stressing and sitting through a natural family planning talk. There has been an informative career talk for the sophomores and seniors. The sophomores have also been taught about leadership for their upcoming upperclassman role.

The seniors have been learning about vocations in theology class. Due to the many volunteers around the Mercy community, many people called to the single, married, or religious life have been brought in as guest speakers.

Mrs.Vankat, a theology teacher at Mercy, and her husband came to talk about their journey of the married life. They proved that even though their marriage and events leading up to it aren’t perfect, they live a very happy and successful life.

Sister Jean O’Rourke

Sister Jean O’Rourke, a sister of Mercy and tea time coordinator, told us about her imperfect yet inspirational expedition of her life.They shared experiences and lessons they have learned with us to try and lead us on the right track through finding our vocation.

The seniors are looking forward to next week’s talks with Mrs.Kessler, a Mercy English teacher, about married life, and Ms.Butts about single life. They have been very excited to learn about different vocations and different relationship role models.

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