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Kick-Starting Soccer

As we jump into spring, Mercy Sports jumps into a new season. Soccer is especially looking forward to what the new season can bring. As soccer begins their new season, they are preparing for another successful year. Last season they made it to the semifinals but fell short to Elkhorn. This season the Monarchs look to bounce back from that loss and build on the success of last year.


Sophomore Emma Elsasser

In order to ensure success, they hold practices every day for one and a half to two hours. During these practices, they participate in drills and practice skills such as possession of the ball, agility, and passing. In addition to these drills, they also hold scrimmages to get in some extra practice for game days.

Although they do have a rigorous practice schedule, they still find time to have fun while practicing. While some girls are practicing their drills and others are scrimmaging, and there are some who have some time to relax and recharge while waiting to begin their own drills. 

Freshman Melany Davis

In the beginning, the team experienced some setbacks due to weather. For the first couple of weeks of March the weather was less than stellar as it has been raining sporadically for the past couple of weeks. Due to the weather conditions, a couple of games have been canceled and practices have either been canceled or moved to the gym. Recently the weather has begun to warm up and this has greatly benefited the team.

Varsity is currently sitting at a 2-1 record on the season with their first win coming from Skutt and JV is 1-0 with their first win coming from Platteview. Varsity has a game on Tuesday where they will be playing Ralston and JV has a game on Friday where they will be playing Duchesne. Good luck on the rest of the season and know that Mercy is supporting you the whole way!

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