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When are Parents the Referees?

In some instances the difference between a parent and a referee is very scarce.A tip for pointing out a difference would be the location of the person. Most of the time the only people on the field or court would be the players and referee, even though we think only the referee is the one who wears a uniform. The parents are usually there to support and cheer for their kids or even grandkids.

Referee shirt and whistle

The mothers I am talking about usually have their own chair, sunglasses tan, and their child’s number on their shirt. In certain situations, there may be a confusion on who is the real referee. The majority time the problem may include a “bad call”. Of course the moms just want what’s best for their babies. They want to protect them and make sure they get their justice even though it is just a game.

As the players listen to the one sided argument, they are definitely aware of what happened. Yes mom, I agree, but I don’t think yelling will change the referee’s mind. It is like yelling at the television, except there might be an eject button on the coach if there is too mature of a vocabulary. 

My personal experience of mom’s quotes:

-Are you blind? He needs to go to the eye doctor to get his eyes checked. 

-Did you see that girl push my daughter?  

-What are they paying you for? 


Players and coach’s silent responses: 

-Whose mom is that? The ref is going to kick her out.

-I saw the play. It was the right call.

-Mom, I am fine. She barely touched me.

I think the moms and the referees should each play their part. Only certain prices fit in certain spots of the puzzle. I know this will not change anyone’s mind. I am just giving any new sports members that there will always be that one mom who likes to share their opinion louder than necessary. Just know that it is because she cares


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