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Juice Stop: Should I go?

The incredible refreshing product could make you question how healthy it really is. Juice Stop is a small local business that sells smoothies of all flavors. The amount of options can seem overwhelming, but employees are happy to help you make that hard decision. No matter your flavor prefrence, they have or can create anything that you can imagine.

Their flavors are named after common and not so common sports terms. Next to the name there’s a clip art picture of the fruit used in the smoothie. This makes it much easier to identify preferred flavors. Juice Stop has a small shop located in Aksarben.

The store features guest and employee private bathrooms. The walls are covered in art by a variety of artists of all ages throughout the Omaha area. Some are college professors from around the area. There are also freelance artist and some university of Nebraska students lucky enough to get their artwork submitted and onto their walls. At the end of the month the art work is sold or given back to their creator.

the interior

It’s the best local food buisness for a teenaged audience. At Juice Stop, you can get add ons in your smoothie for whatever you desire, whether that be protein powder to effectively boost your post workout, or wheatgrass to boost your metabolism and clean out your digestive system. Juice Stop is the best place to go whether it be with a friend, significant other, or family member because the location is very friendly for all.

The prices are fair for the whopping 24 ounces of the perfectly blended ice cold smoothie you ordered only a couple minutes prior. Juice Stop give the experience that you will love to come back and keep trying it again and again.

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