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NHS Blood Drive

It’s time for the annual Mercy-Holy Cross Blood Drive. It was held on Saturday, January 26th from seven a.m. to twelve thirty p.m. in the Holy Cross cafeteria. While the blood drive was in full swing there were numerous basketball games, which made parking spaces scarce, although the Mercy community knows all about that. In addition to lack of parking, there were also some unexpected flurries, which made weather conditions less than favorable. 

Junior Stephanie Aleman is prepped for her donation

Despite the minor setbacks, there was a great turnout and according to Mrs. Coyle, there were a total of 60 units of blood collected, surpassing our goal of 49. The Red Cross states that one donation of blood can save up to three lives. It’s incredible that through Mercy alone, we were able to save 180 lives. 

Blood is in constant need and the Red Cross says, every two seconds someone needs blood. I had the great pleasure of giving blood for the first time and it was an amazing feeling knowing that I was helping those in desperate need of it. And although not everyone had the same donation experience, I think it can go without saying, that everyone felt they made a huge impact in the lives of those in need. 

I also had the great experience of volunteering, as the members of NHS were asked to volunteer. Some volunteers got to assist Mrs. Coyle in checking in the donors and escorting them to the proper place, while others got to work at the snack table and escorted donors there after they were done, as well as providing them with snacks and drinks to help replenish them. This blood drive was a major success and I’m sure the one in October will be even better. 

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