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Faculty Day of Service

Mercy High School students definitely enjoyed their day off last Friday, January 25. The question is, Why did the students get to sleep in? While the students were snug in their beds, the faculty was awake bright and early for their day of service. This day of service was a way to play a part in one of the Sisters of Mercy’s three main pillars: faith, knowledge, and service.

The day started with Sister Cathleen from the Sisters of Mercy talking about her experiences at the United States-Mexican border. She informed the faculty on how immigrants aren’t what the government makes them seem. Sister encouraged them by saying, “You live in a bubble in this country.” She tells them to leave their bubble and make a change.

After their inspiring talk about changing the lives of many, the staff journeyed to the Open Door Mission to put their plans into action. The section of the Open Door Mission the teachers worked in was the store the ODM owns to sell all types of necessities for a cheap price. The groups of faculty organized donation, stocked shelves, and cleaned the store. 

When their service came to an end, they travelled back to Mercy for some catered tacos for lunch. The event on the agenda was to find each faculty member’s strengths. To make a great team each member needs different strengths to fill the other members weaknesses. The faculty learned about their part in the team of then Mercy High faculty. They completed the faithful day with a prayer service to thank God for their abilities to work as a team to make Mercy and the community around them a better place.


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