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Advent Angels

During the Christmas season, many people do a gift exchange known as Secret Santa or Advent Angels. At Mercy, Advent Angels is a tradition that many students look forward to and get excited about. It is something that gets everyone in the Christmas spirit and it’s a great way to start off the season of giving. Towards the end of November, each student receives a slip of paper to put their likes/wants and their locker number on. Once the slips are filled out, the theology teachers collect them and put them in an envelope or basket. Each student who decided to participate gets to draw a slip out of the container and whoever they draw is who they will be giving gifts to. The only way to re-draw is if you picked the same person you got last year or if you picked yourself. Who you pick is supposed to remain a secret because that is the whole point of the “game”. You don’t know who is giving you gifts, which is the best part. This goes by class so for example, only seniors can pick seniors and only juniors can pick juniors, and so on. At the end finals week, Student Council puts on an assembly for Christmas. After the assembly, everyone finally reveals themselves to their advent angels and gives them a big gift. Advent Angels also brings out the creativity in people because you have to find ways to sneak your gift in their lockers or give it to them without them finding out it’s you. This tradition is a great way to get to know someone who you might not have talked to a lot before and it could spark a great friendship. Some gift ideas that are great to give are socks, candy, Christmas decorations, etc. Not every gift has to be purchased though; Some of the best gifts are homemade or even a handwritten note! This is a tradition that I have participated in for all of my four years at Mercy. In my opinion, everyone should try to participate because it’s such a great feeling to give others gifts.

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