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What’s Going on in the Library?

A work in progress!

If you have walked through the library in the past couple of days you have probably noticed and wondered about the blue tape on the pillars. Outlining symmetrical shapes but seeming to have no other purpose at the moment, many students passing through were curious. However, this tape is very important because it outlines the design that the Honors Art class will soon paint onto the pillars. As a part of their quarter project, the four girls of this class will decorate the five pillars in the library.

Honors Art is an advanced art class for seniors. They work on many projects throughout the year and many of those projects extend past the classroom. Two years ago this class focused on producing two heart sculptures, each about six feet tall. One of these hearts now resides permanently in Mercy’s courtyard. This year, as these very artistically talented girls work on painting the library pillars, they will complete yet another project that will decorate our school in a personalized way. Maggie Reinard, a member of this year’s Honors Art class said, “My favorite part of this class is being able to let my creativity soar as far as it wants and being supported to create whatever I envision.” Maggie’s favorite part of the pillar project so far has been looking forward to seeing the reactions from the students and staff when she is finished.

Maggie Reinard paints the hexagons on one of the pillars.

These girls are not just painting any design on these pillars. They are painting some of the words of Mercy’s beloved Suscipe along with monarch butterflies, two important aspects of the Mercy community. With the deadline not too far away, the artists are going to be pretty busy. Maggie explained what the next couple of days will look like stating, “First, we will be finishing painting all of the blue hexagons. Then we will write and paint lines from the Suscipe and last but not least, add some monarchs because it wouldn’t be finished without them!”. It will take a lot of time and effort, but there is no group better up for the challenge than Maggie and her three classmates.

Their goal is to have the project finished by November 4, just in time for prospective families to see it during Open House. If you haven’t already, I recommend walking through the library to see the progress that has been made so far. And while you’re at it, find an Honors Art student and thank her for decorating the library so beautifully!

Emily Erlbacher
Senior at Mercy and proud member of the Optimism Club, the volleyball team and Student Council.
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