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Working Mercy Girls

A big part of high school is getting your first part-time job. It’s so exciting to finally earn money for yourself and become one step closer to adulthood. There are many spots around Omaha that are happy to offer jobs to high schoolers. Hy-vee is a very popular place to start your career. It has flexible hours and lots of other high schoolers working there. Senior, Emily Bragg agrees that the flexible hours are really great.

La Casa is also a popular spot for Mercy girls. Senior, Ava Blankman says the the work is easy and the people are very nice there. Also, there’s a discount on food. Several Mercy girls and Mercy alumnae work there as well. The Old Market Candy Shop is also very popular with Mercy students. Several current students and alumnae work there. They love having Mercy girls. Sophomore, Fia Cohen works at Jerico’s Restaurant. She enjoys working with her sister and mother. The Santiago triplets all work at Chick-fil-a. Bianca says she likes how she gets to meet more people her age and likes her boss. She says that it’s a fun environment. Of course, there’s always babysitting as well. It’s an easy and fun way to make money. Getting a job is very important to become financially independent and more ready for the real world.


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