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College Buddies

College is a very scary and exciting experience. As the last few weeks of school are winding down, seniors are anxious to get to college and explore this new chapter of their lives. I sat down with one of my best friends, Sarah Mateljan, to see what she thought of going to college with a friend.

Q: What college are you going to and what’s your major?

A: I’m going to Wayne State College in Wayne, NE and I’m planning on majoring in Early Childhood Education.

Q: How do you feel about going to college with one of your friends?

A: I’m super excited! I feel like I will feel a little bit less nervous about the whole experience knowing I will have Mae there with me.

Q: Do you think we’ll stay friends during college?

A: I do think we will stay friends throughout college and hopefully for a very long time after

Q: What do you think about rooming with a friend?

A: Personally, I don’t think it’s a very good idea. I wouldn’t work well living in the same room as someone I’m close with. That’s just me though, I know it works out super well for a lot of  people!

Q: Do you think it would be easier or harder to go to college with a friend?

A: I think it’s about 50/50 for me. Like I said before, I think there is the aspect of comfortability that will be helpful but also having a fresh start with all new people would be a great experience as well.

I’m so excited to head off to college, and especially excited to go on with one of my best friends. I think while it is amazing and comforting to go off with a friend, it shouldn’t be your end-all-be-all decision. You should go somewhere that’s going to make you happy. College is all about taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone. Although, having a friend is an added bonus!

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