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Spirit of Mercy Winners

Each week, Mercy teachers select students to receive the Spirit of Mercy Award. This award recognizes students who have demonstrated a random act of kindness or an act of mercy.

This week’s Spirit of Mercy recipients are…

Shacty Alvarez-Hurtado, Emily Bragg, Hope Fett, Maureen Goetz, Natalie Harsh, Kiley Hoge, Abi Jones, Macy McClellan, Jessie Mueller, Uyen Nguyen, Maddie O’Connor, Catie Tangeman, Caitlyn Thomas, Mazie Washington and Julie Wren

Mazie Washington and Emily Bragg bailed out senior class by ordering blankets to meet the 50 needed number for a price break, even though they never intended to order!

Kiley Hoge, Maureen Goetz, and Macy McClellan have been doing a wonderful job in Algebra 2!

Catie Tangeman for the positivity she brings to class each day.

Hope Fett for loaning a girl a prom dress last minute who otherwise would not have had one.

Uyen Nguyen and Caitlyn Thomas for speaking at Info Night last Thursday.

Natalie Harsh for being kind to a classmate

Shacty Alvarez-Hurtado
Emily Bragg
Hope Fett
Maureen Goetz
Natalie Harsh
Kylie Hoge
Abi Jones
Macy MClellan
Jessie Mueller
Uyen Nguyen
Maddie O’Connor
Catie Tangeman
Caitlyn Thomas
Mazie Washington
Julie Wren
Jeana Abboud
blues musician and ice coffee enthusiast
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