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Farewell Day: The Tradition & Preparation

Farewell Day is the last Mercy tradition the seniors will experience, and the last time they will come together on Franey’s stage in front of the entire school. Currently the seniors are hard at work in Farewell Day prep, so I thought I’d take some time to describe the tradition and the preparation that goes into it.

Farewell Day takes place the week of graduation in May, and begins with all school mass in the chapel. After mass, everyone joins in Franey Hall to watch the production the seniors have put together. The play includes reenactments of memories from the seniors’ past four years at Mercy together, linked with a fun theme that drives the transitions. After the play, a slide show displays pictures of the senior class through the years at Mercy, as well as senior portraits and baby photos of each of the graduates. Next, the seniors sing their class song and say their class prayer for the last time in front of the Mercy community. Then, it is time for senior club and sports members to take the stage. The senior members of various sports and clubs call up teammates and bequeath any special traditions or keep sakes, passed down throughout the years, to the leaders who will take the reins now that the seniors have graduated.

Seniors and underclasswomen pose for pictures after last year’s Farewell Day

Much preparation goes into this Mercy High School tradition in order to create a beautiful day where the school is able to give a proper goodbye to it’s seniors. Once the seniors come back from Christmas break, it is time to get started. Second semester comes to a close in the blink of an eye, and graduation is right around the corner. The first step to planning Farewell Day is to elect two directors for the play. Once directors are elected, it is time to vote on a theme.

Seniors sport their prom dresses for last year’s “The Oscars” theme

After a theme is decided, the writing committee gets rolling. The writing committee will be in charge of scripting the memories and stage transitions, as well as incorporating the theme into the play. The sure way to a successful Farewell Day is this: the more the merrier! It is really important that lots of the senior class is participating in the script writing process, in order to represent their years at Mercy in the best way possible. After the script is written and approved by the administration, it is time to get a cast together. The final step is to schedule rehearsals for the play. These rehearsals usually take place in the three to four weeks leading up to the big day!

This year Abby Guinan and I are directing the Farewell Day play. The writing committee has been hard at work the last few weeks, and the script is currently being read and approved by the administration. The entire senior class is looking forward to starting casting and rehearsals soon!

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