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Q & A With Ms. Newville for CWS

I interviewed Mrs. Newville on January 29th about what it’s like working in a Catholic School for Catholic Schools Week. This is what she had to say:

Q: Why did you choose to be teacher?

A: I love science and wanted to share that love with others. And to hopefully inspire others to love science too!

Q: How has your perspective changed from a student to a teacher?

A: I realize now how much work my teachers put into their job. As a student, I did not appreciate their hard work.

Q: Did you specifically choose to go to a catholic school?

A: Yes, I went to St. Cecilia Grade School and Cathedral High School (now closed)

Q: Which do you like more?

A: Catholic

Q: Has working at a catholic school affected you?

A: Yes, it has allowed me to express my spiritual side.

Q: What does It mean to you to work at Mercy?

A: Mercy is a unique place. I love the all girl environment. The traditions are fun. My colleagues are wonderful. However, what I like most about Mercy is the chance to inspire young women to be strong, independent and to speak out about issues that are important to them.

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