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Introduction to Sports Medicine Yields Student Athletic Trainers

Introduction to Sports Medicine is a fairly new addition to Mercy High School’s curriculum, as this is only the second semester it is being offered. The class used to be taught years ago when Mrs. Dunn was working at Mercy for the first time. The class is currently being taught by Mrs. Sass and Mrs. Dunn. Having two different instructors allows students to hear from multiple perspectives, as Mrs. Sass is Mercy’s athletic trainer and Mrs. Dunn is Health and Physical Education teacher. Their individual experiences and knowledge complement each other in the classroom and help for a comprehensive curriculum.

This class is currently labeled as an elective class, so students consciously make the choice to take it knowing the time commitment ahead of time. Many girls take this class because they are interested in pursuing some sport of medical occupation, such as an athletic trainer, doctor, or nurse practitioner, but it is open to anyone else who just finds the material interesting as well!

Intro to Sports Medicine is currently only a semester class, and because they have so much material to cover, the class can be fairly rigorous. The material that they go over in class includes basic anatomy, first aid, CPR, injury care and prevention, wrapping, taping, rehabilitation, spine boarding, emergency action plans, nutrition, and sport psychology. They are also required to complete 16 clinical hours in the training room, practices, or games before the semester is over. It is crucial that girls complete all of these hours, as they are factored into their final exam grade. if they complete an additional twenty hours in the second semester, they are eligible to letter in Sports Medicine.

The girls in the class also make up the Monarch Med Team, which gives them the ability to assist Mrs. Sass at home volleyball and basketball games with any injuries that may occur. Look for them in their red t-shirts at the next home game!

When asked about where she sees this class going in the future, Mrs. Sass says, “I would like to see a Sports Medicine II class offered second semester to have a more in depth approach on some of the topics that they are currently learning about.” Audrey Huse, a senior taking the class right now, recommends this class for any aspiring physical therapists and nurses, or athletes who get hurt frequently.

Mrs. Sass stresses that this class is “more than just taping ankles.” She says, “We have guest speakers in various professions that are available to students so they can explore options other than athletic training.” The class also takes a field trip to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to learn about their Athletic Training program and see how things work at the college level. This class provides is amazing opportunity for girls to receive an introduction to material that will be covered in college classes, but in a high school setting. If any students or student athletes are interested in any sort of medical career or just interested in learning how to keep themselves healthy, they should consider taking Introduction to Sports Medicine!

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