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Best Places To Take Pictures For Nocturne

There are a lot of good places to take pictures in Omaha but if you are unsure of where to take pictures of your magical night here are a few examples.

#1 The Old Market

Pro: the lights are beautiful and there are many different areas in the old market to take the photos
Con: it’s hard to walk on the bricks in heels and it’s very crowded sometimes.

#2 Gerald R. Ford Birthplace and Garden

Pro: easy to work with and has lots of different places where you can sit or stand.
Con: not super spacious so it will be hard for larger groups. Bad lighting at night so you will have to take pictures with flash

#3 Mount Vernon Gardens

Pro: The archways make for very nice pictures and the flowers and other plants are gorgeous
Con: very small

#4 OPPD Arboretum

Pro: lots of foliage and very spacious
Con: far from mercy

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