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The Scoop: Mercy Drama

Drama Club

Drama is a blanket statement for any theatre related events, which is not limited to the plays and behind-the-scenes work, but also refers to State Thespian events, and troupe bonding events. It encompasses the sense of community among individuals and the group as a whole.

Open meetings for Drama Club occur every Friday right after school in Franey Hall. This means any and all girls are welcome to pop in; it does not matter if someone has never been in any Mercy productions, or in any plays at all. There are no requirements to join except that students display a genuine interest.

At the Meeting

Girls elected in officer positions generally run the get-togethers. This would include Senior Gracie Finn, president; Junior Emilia Plasek, vice-president; and Junior Addie Costello, secretary-treasurer.

In an interview Gracie mentioned, “I think it [drama club] is a good way to tighten our community.” She later expanded on this thought saying, “It has been very cliquey in the past, but by having drama club we have been able to eradicate a lot of it.” Tying her thoughts all together, she stated, “Theater is all good and fun, but drama club is a way to expand upon it.”


A couple cast-mates and technicians (techies) opened up with their thoughts and experiences concerning the Mercy Theatre Department, in which many girls mentioned being excited for ITS, but what does this acronym stand for and why is it so highly anticipated?

International Thespian Society, or ITS, hosts a statewide fair of sorts at the very beginning of January during Christmas vacation. It is an opportunity for thespians and theatre enthusiasts to connect on a dramatic level. Numerous workshops are held for dancing, performing individually, as a group, improv, and technical competitions. Girls and boys from around the state get a chance to meet and critique in good natured competition.


ITS happens in January, so while girls are excited for that, they are more geared up for opening night of 1776. This is the musical that cast mates and crew members have been preparing for in the past months. The leads Audra Pflug, Ina Keating, and Emilia Plasek have spent every spare minute singing and practicing blocking in preparation for the show. Techies have been hammering and drilling away hour after hour building platforms. Director Von Kampen has been making notes and assisting the girls in building up their characters as much as possible.

Drama is diverse. Theatre is a large part of it, but there are other elements and many other ways to get involved. The officers do not want scheduling conflicts to be a reason people cannot get involved. Drama club was created in the hopes to avoid drama with the purpose of keeping students, parents, and officers all informed and involved. Feel free to stop by the next Drama Club meeting the next Friday!

Audrey Huse
The best memories I have made include laughing in the darkness of backstage and running around Omaha with my best friends.
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