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Five steps to “fall” in love with the fall

I don’t know about you but there’s nothing I love more than the epidemic of fall scented candles, scary movies and all things creepy. That’s right, I’m talking about the spooky season, Halloween! If you are unlike me or just wanting to enjoy Halloween more fully when it comes, keep reading for a few steps to really get into the Halloween spirit!

1) Bust out the fall scented candles: Pick whichever scent speaks to you: autumn fresh, rustling leaves, maybe even fall breeze, all are a superb way to kick off the season! It may seem like a little step, but it will get you ready to start the Halloween season.

2) Decorations: It can’t be Halloween if it doesn’t look like Halloween! Take out all of your scariest and most festive props to fill your house. If you look anywhere without seeing something spooky, you’re doing it wrong.

3) Movies: There’s nothing better than sitting down and watching some of the best Halloween classics. So set up some Hocus Pocus or maybe the Nightmare before Christmas to get you in the scary mood!

4) Play the right music: Whether it be Monster Mash or This is Halloween, these terrifying tunes will make sure to get you into the trick-or-treat mood!

5) Costumes: the most important part of Halloween, costumes! Start thinking about whatever creature, character or thing you want to debut on Halloween as soon as you can. Whether it be a funny, scary or some type of pun costume, make sure to plan ahead of time so you’re ready for Halloween day!

Whatever you choose to do to get ready for the exciting day, remember to have fun and stay spooky!

Lydia Molczyk
I'm a senior at Mercy High School. I love my dog Zeus and Vic's popcorn.
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