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Fall Sport Seniors: Reflections and Future Plans

As the first quarter comes to a close, so do many of the fall sports. For many seniors, this is the last season they will play a of competitive sport, so final games and meets trigger lots of emotion and memories. Saying goodbye to their sport is among the first of many goodbyes these seniors will have throughout this year. The following article is a compilation of parting thoughts, memories, and future plans from senior athletes.

Bridget Schroll, Volleyball

Bridget Schroll, a dominating force on the volleyball court, is sad to have to leave a sport she’s been involved in since the fifth grade. She has overcome many injuries in her career such as a concussion, a cyst in her wrist, carpal tunnel, and knee problems. Although Bridget does not plan on playing competitively in college, she is considering playing at the recreational level. Some of her favorite memories include hanging out in the locker room before practice, having theme days at practice, and eating candy during practice. Bridget wants to study athletic training in college and then pursue a degree in physical therapy. As a member of the Monarch Med Team last year, Bridget has already started developing skills that will aid her in her future career.

Olivia Petrini, Golf

Joining the team her sophomore year, Olivia enjoyed golfing for Mercy for two years and is saddened to see the experience end so quickly. Although does not plan on playing on team in college, she will continue to use golfing as a form of exercise and recreation alongside her family and friends. She also enjoys teaching others how to play the sport and helping the develop their basic skill set. Olivia has some final advice for her younger teammates as she says, “Work hard and come to practice everyday and try to improve.” Olivia is undecided on where she wants to attend college, but some possibilities include UNMC, Methodist, or Clarkson. Olivia has brought great energy and positivity to the golf team, and will surely be successful wherever she ends up!

Katherine Wurtz, Softball

Katherine Wurtz has been a key player for the softball team these past four years and is formulating plans to compete at collegiate level in the following years. She is looking at Doane University and Hastings College to assist her in future athletic and academic growth. During her short break between sports seasons, Katherine is happy to have a little bit of extra free time after school and on the weekends to spend with family and friends, study, and work. When asked what she will miss most after softball, she says, “I am going to miss all of the girls on the team, especially the seniors. We really bonded this year so I’m going to miss handing out with them every single day.” This may be the end of Mercy softball for Katherine, but with basketball and soccer seasons still to come, Katherine still has a lot to look forward to with Mercy athletics.

Natalie Harsh, Cross Country

Although initially joining the Cross Country team to stay in shape for the spring soccer season, Natalie grew to love the sport. While this sport may seem boring and monotonous to onlookers, Natalie and her teammates enjoy the long runs by making up games to play along the way or by just talking and laughing. One of the reasons Natalie loves this sports season so much is because the team is so diverse. She says, “Everyone is so different and brings something new to the table, and I enjoy getting to know people of all kinds.” To her younger teammates she says, “Always finish the race as hard as you can because you never know when it’s going to be your last one.” Natalie has not made any plans to run in college because she knows that if she is going to pursue a career in medicine, that needs to be her priority.

Mercy athletics helped shape these girls, and many others into the young women that they are today. Each one of them has made a significant impact on her team’s success and on the teammates themselves. As they move onto the next stage of their lives, we wish them luck, happiness, and success in whatever they choose to do.

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