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Anxious about Conferences?

This once-a-year event may give students and parents an intense feeling of anxiety. It also allows teachers the rare chance to talk about students without the student present in the room. What is this, you might ask? Mercy High School’s annual “Parent-Advisor Conferences”.

Conferences are necessary for any school to be able to run smoothly. Since most high school students don’t pay for their own high school tuition, it only makes sense for parents to get the chance to meet with teachers at the school.

If you are student struggling with the idea of conferences, just take a second to consider this. Some parent-advisor meetings don’t actually go that far in-depth about you. There have been many instances where a parent walks into the designated room, exchanges a few sentences with the advisor, and that is it. So don’t you worry about what might happen during this year’s conferences because most teachers don’t particularly enjoy chewing-out students behind their backs. 


Lauren Ramaekers
Editor. Class of 2018.
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