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Creighton Prep Yet Two Dances…

For years, students around Omaha have been going to Creighton Prep’s Freshmen Homecoming Dance as Freshmen, and likewise the Sophomore-Junior-Senior dance the same years. But October 6th and 7th, I decided to find out why, and if there is really any difference between the dances.


Thank you to all the warm welcomes and enthusiasm from everyone at Creighton Prep. Expectations: shattered. Both dances were extremely enjoyable, and I highly recommend that anyone in high school go if possible.

For some pictures, I have provided a gallery of the best of the nights.


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Catherine Poteat
Class of 2018. Swimmer, Mock Trial, a flair for the dramatics. -generic quote insert here- I wish me wifi were a wee bit more cooperative.
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