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The Practice ACT Extravaganza

On Wednesday, September 27 the seniors of Mercy High School had to take a practice ACT from the start of school at 7:40 in the morning to 11:03 in the afternoon. Many of us seniors were not happy with this plan. Some of the complaints included “we already took the ACT” or “this is a waste of time”. I agree with this wholeheartedly and here’s why
More than half of the senior class has already taken the ACT and it was pointless for them to give it to us so late. If it was supposed to make any difference they should have given it to us in our junior year. The fact that half of us didn’t need to take it was what made it a waste of time. Not only that brut we could have been reviewing for tests or catching up on missed homework in our study halls. We are a very busy class and we are already stressed enough without this random testing wasting our time. Amanda Fleming was telling me that she was going to have to make up the whole test because she had a trip to go on for her Sports Medicine class. That is ridiculous! This is a practice ACT, it doesn’t even count for anything and these girls are still going to have to come in and make it up during their study halls. I don’t think any girl in the senior class at Mercy is ever going to understand why exactly we had to take these tests.

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