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The “Riverdale” Riot

There’s a new show that’s been stirring up everyone’s social media feed. Whether it be through memes or favorite scene compilations, the new American Drama series Riverdale has developed quite the audience over the summer and so far this year. While it has only released one season so far, it already has a large population hooked and ready for more.

Riverdale takes place in a small town by the same name where the main character, Archie, leads most of the shows storylines that follow the death of Jason Blossom. The show consists of a captivating storyline that never stalls for a dull moment. It’s jam packed with mystery, slight humor, and a fabulous wardrobe for each character.

Not only is the plot well made, but the characters are also very well developed. They are effectively shown in many different lights but still manage to maintain the character’s core personality. The show follows each of the characters’ personal lives and personal battles but all the while makes way to the end goal of finding the identity of Jason Blossom’s killer at the finale of the season.

So if you feel the need to explore the mysteries and betrayal of a small town while also having some great aesthetic, log onto Netflix and enjoy Riverdale for a viewing to “die for”!

Lydia Molczyk
I'm a senior at Mercy High School. I love my dog Zeus and Vic's popcorn.
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