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Night In or Out

It’s a school night and the weekend is just around the corner. This week has been rough, so a few friends decided to get together to de-stress and celebrate. The only trouble is that no one has any ideas on what to do. Catching a movie? Been there so many times already. Shopping at the mall? No one is made of money and someone’s wallet is looking thin.

Here are a few ideas to jumpstart a night out on the town with some fun-loving gals:

1. Hit Up Pinterest
Not everything is intricate and time consuming. In fact, crafting together might become a cherished memory. The crafts don’t have to be perfect by any means and laughter can smooth over the worst of mistakes. The craft can even serve as a keepsake of the special night.

2. Bake Desserts
Working in the kitchen in tandem is sure to be hectic in the best way possible. Energy will be up, messes will be made, and something edible should come out of it. After the food is made, everyone can snack on it and then repeat for round two!

3. Have a Progressive Dinner
This is when dinner is broken up between houses or restaurants. For example, you could have salad and appetizers at one person’s house, the main course at another, and dessert at someone else’s home. It’s a way to make the night fancy and last longer.

4. DIY Mani-Pedis
As the name suggests, grab a few nail polishes, maybe a few nail art instruments, and meet-up at someone’s house to paint nails. Share favorite colors and bring painter’s tape to get some intricate geometric designs going. Have fun, get creative, don’t stress the mess-ups.

5. Go Bus Sight-Seeing
Get to know Omaha by hopping on a bus and taking it all the way to the end of the route. Get to see the city and feel the thrill of going to unexpected places. It only costs $1.25 each way so it is cheap entertainment. One tip is to avoid peak hours like when the work day starts, the lunch hour, and the end of the work day.

6. Visit the Zoo
Visiting the zoo is a year-round activity. Summer is when the animals are outside, but the fall is when the weather is just right and the whole day can be spent roaming the zoo and all of its additions. Though it may be pricey, some money can be saved by bringing a lunch.

7. Go Ice skating/Roller skating
Google ice rinks or roller skating venues nearby. Spend a couple dollars and get out with the girls. Lean on each other, teach the newbie, and partner up. Choose whichever one fits the season, for example, ice skating would be a perfect activity for the winter months. Roller skating is always a warmer option.

8. Try Thrifting
Yes, this is shopping, but whether it’s a trip to the Humble Lily or Goodwill, a small budget can go a long ways. Check out the whole store because sizes are misplaced frequently. Bounce off ideas for ways to diy distressing or cutting off a pair of pants. Be creative and stretch imagination to repurpose old clothing. Branch out and find something new.

9. Attempt YouTube Challenges
Find some interesting challenges that top Youtubers make. Gather the necessary materials if any are needed and challenge each other. To make the night more competitive, add prizes or dares to the challenges. Also, make sure to only choose safe ideas because no one should be hurt during a night of fun.

10. Dawdle Downtown
Meet-up downtown and walk around the area to sightsee. Check out the slides at the Gene Leahy Mall or walk the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Stop into the candy shops or buy some ice cream. Act like a tourist and take in the whole experience. Start conversations with shop workers, their stories are priceless.

11. Admire Art at the Joslyn
Look at all of the collections and identify the most beautiful pieces. Wander around and let the art influence direction. Read the plaques and learn about the artists. Make a wish in the fountain. There is no excuse not to go since everyday is free!

12. Play Board Games
Dig out those old board games and meet up at one person’s house to have a game night. Teach each other tricks and tips. Switch out games if one gets boring and keep playing into the night. Bring games even if they aren’t board games. Twister,  for example, always poses an entertaining challenge.

Check out the links here and here for more ideas!

Audrey Huse
The best memories I have made include laughing in the darkness of backstage and running around Omaha with my best friends.
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