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History of The Welcome Picnic


This year for the welcome picnic at Mercy we weren’t too lucky with the weather. We were hoping the rain would stop in time so we could go to the park all day but that didn’t happen. We had to spend half the day inside and then the other half we did end up going outside to the park.

The seniors have not been lucky with the welcome picnic, it has been inside both their freshman and senior year now. Lucky this welcome picnic was only inside for half of the day. I still had a lot of fun at the welcome picnic even though it was held inside for half of the day. The teachers turned on a movie for the people in the cafeteria, set games up in Franey Hall, and did the flag football games inside to keep people occupied.

The walk down to Schroeder Park takes no more than 15 minutes and is completely free. There have been past years when Mercy students had to pay for the bus ride to where the picnic was going to be held. It might be a surprise to most Mercy girls that the welcome picnic hasn’t always been at Schroeder Park. It would be fun to take a bus ride with friends, but more people would prefer the short walk and not having to pay any money on this day.

Sydney Nelson was a Junior at Mercy when her welcome picnic was held inside. Sydney said, “Having the picnic inside wasn’t as fun as having it outside, but overall I still had a good time hanging out with my friends.” I agree with her statement because the picnic is always more fun when it is outside but I think everyone still has fun no matter what. 

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