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Ringing in the New School Year- One Greenie at a Time

Another phenomenal Welcome Day has come and gone, and for the Class of 2018 this was the first of many lasts as far as traditions go. After all of their preparation and waiting, the seniors finally got a chance to initiate their Little Sisters into the Mercy community by parading them around in their decorated greenies in front of the whole school. This year’s parade has definitely been one of the best ones yet, not only for the freshmen but also for their senior Big Sisters.

When I was a freshman, I remember being nervous to be paraded in front of the whole school. Even though I was embarrassed to have to walk around the full gym dressed as Luigi with other freshmen dressed as members of the Mario Kart theme, I now look back at the Greenie Parade fondly. It helped me bond with my classmates over the embarrassment we had gone through together, and it showed me that the upperclasswomen at Mercy were not as scary as I thought they would be. After the Greenie Parade, I felt welcomed into the Mercy community, and I am definitely glad that I got to partake in such a unique tradition.

Three years later, I took on a different role in the Greenie Parade. My friends and I coordinated a theme for our Little Sisters’ greenies, and we all worked on decorating them to make sure that each of our twenty-seven Little Sisters felt included, united, and a little bit embarrassed (in a good way). We decided to decorate greenies with the movie 27 Dresses as our theme. It was so much fun cheering with my friends as our Little Sisters debuted their newly decorated greenies and getting to see my Little Sister parading around in a long green floral dress with a bouquet in her hands and her freshly painted greenie on her head. Though I have always enjoyed watching the Greenie Parades in years past, it was a lot more fun for me to get to be a big part of the tradition this year.

All of the freshmen really enjoyed the parade. My group’s theme came in second place but that didn’t discourage our Little Sisters, who had a lot of fun with this tradition. Freshman McKenzie Moore, who took on the role of wearing Dress #9 in the 27 Dresses theme, explained that taking part in the Greenie Parade made her feel excited for all of the other traditions she has yet to experience at Mercy. Moore was thrilled to see all of the unique ideas that the different senior groups came up with, and she enjoyed experiencing how supportive all of the upperclasswomen were.

For the freshmen, the Greenie Parade was the first tradition to make them feel like true Mercy girls. Freshmen got a chance to see how fun Mercy can be, and the upperclasswomen got an official “introduction” to all of the new freshmen whom they have only seen around the halls.

The Greenie Parade can only be described as bittersweet from the seniors’ point of view. Many seniors agree that taking part in this parade caused it to sink in that this is their last year at Mercy. While the parade was super fun, it also served as a reminder that it was our last time getting to experience the tradition.

Nevertheless, the Greenie Parade was very successful in welcoming Mercy’s freshmen into their new school, and it was a great time for the seniors to get creative and competitive. This exciting tradition has never failed to unite the different classes at Mercy, and this year was no exception. 2017’s Greenie Parade was filled with unique themes to match the uniqueness of both the Class of 2018 and the Class of 2021, and it was the perfect way to ring in the new school year!

Gabbi Caito
Mercy Class of 2018
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