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Diving Behind the Scenes

Many people are unaware of how much time and effort the student council puts into ensuring that we have fun and exciting dances. According to student body president, Hannah Fenton, our fearless leaders start planning the welcome dance at the very beginning of summer. Fenton stated that student council wanted to incorporate the carefree vibe of summer with hopeful and exciting beginning of the school year.
They decided that since the Hawaiian theme has become a cute and popular theme in the past years, having a dance with a beach theme would be a fun choice to bid adieu to the summer months. They also wanted to have a strong theme that would be appropriate for the welcome picnic as well.
Along with the fun of picking a theme for her dance, the student council also had to put in work to make it a successful night. According to Fenton, student council was responsible for hiring a DJ, three cops, and other decorations. Most of the more costly expenses came from the council’s budget, but some came from the girls’ own pockets. Along with finances, the girls also put in their valuable time. Hannah explained that they get to the school the night of the dance to set up at 7:45 and often don’t leave until after midnight to cleanup. Teachers and parents also put in their time to chaperone the dance.
Mercy High School is happy to have such dedicated leaders to keep us entertained during our first weeks of classes. The students are much more excited for school to start because of the time and work our teachers, parents, and student council members put in.

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