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Time Flies

Going into high school, I was told countless times that the four years go by too fast. Even though this was basically drilled into my mind before I even started my first year at Mercy, I didn’t really believe it. I figured that there was no way school would become so enjoyable that the time spent learning and studying would go by at any extraordinary rate.

As a senior, I wish I would have taken this to heart. I just started my last year at Mercy and I now realize that the time really did fly by, and that four years feels four seconds when you look back. My first day at Mercy was terrifying and, if I’m being completely honest, all I wanted to do in my first few weeks at my new school was go back to grade school.

Since my mom was a teacher at my grade school, St. Vincent de Paul, I spent almost every week day there from the time I was a baby until I graduated from eighth grade there. My aunt went to Mercy, and I had wanted to be here since attending all of her volleyball games years ago. When I shadowed Mercy I loved it and was extremely excited to become a Mercy girl. But that didn’t change the fact that most of my friends, including my best friend, were going to Duchesne.

I was very nervous on my first day at Mercy, and the transition from a big co-ed grade school to a small all-girls high school was a difficult one. The classes were much more labor intensive and it was scary trying to make new friends, especially since I had been friends with the same people at St. Vincent for as long as I could remember.

As I began to make new friends at Mercy, the school started to seem a lot less scary. By the end of my freshman year I understood why every Mercy Girl I’d talked to spoke so highly of her experiences at the school.

Now that I am in my last year at Mercy, I can’t imagine my life without it. I have grown in my faith upon entering the school, and I now recognize that there is more to being Catholic than just going through the basic actions (i.e. mass, confession, etc.); you must also share your part in bettering society. By seeing the example that the Sisters of Mercy set, I have learned the importance of standing up for what I believe in and affecting change in the world through social causes. I have also come to enjoy doing service because it truly is a huge part of living a life of faith, and I genuinely feel the desire to make a difference in someone else’s life.

I have also grown tremendously as a person because of Mercy’s influence in my life. I was rather shy as a freshman, and at Mercy I feel like I have gained the confidence to speak my mind without being scared. I have made so many lasting friendships at the school, and I have gotten to know almost everyone in my class. I can truly say that I have eighty-six new sisters at Mercy, and I will never forget the amazing people I have become acquainted with here. I learned that teachers can be great allies, and that school is so much more than just school if you make it meaningful.

It wasn’t until I prepared my Little Sister for her new high school experience that I realized just how much of an impact this small old school on 48th Street has had on my life. Going to Mercy has been the best decision I have made in my life thus far, and it is crazy to think that I will be leaving it in nine short months. I will miss this school like crazy when it comes time for me to graduate, and I now truly understand that when people say that “time flies when you’re having fun”, they aren’t exaggerating.

Gabbi Caito
Mercy Class of 2018
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