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First Year Jitters

I can barely remember my first week at Mercy, even though it was only two years ago. I do remember walking in on my first day with my sister, Sydney, and her friend Natalie. They made fun of me for how long my skirt was and said I shouldn’t wear it anymore. Syd walked me to my first class to make sure I got there. Later on during my first day I walked into Syd’s Spanish 4 class thinking it was my study hall, but luckily she was there to help me get to the right class. I was so embarrassed walking into that class and I made sure it never happened again.

My feelings have definitely changed from my first week at Mercy compared to my first week of junior year. At this time freshman year I was scared because I didn’t know a lot of people and I wanted to make a good first impression. This year was way different because I was excited to come back and see all my friends, but I wasn’t excited for all the homework I was going to get. After leaving Holy Cross and coming to Mercy I thought I would stay in touch with all my grade school friends who were going to different high schools. That didn’t happen, however, and I have grown apart from a lot of them. Fortunately I am still good friends with all my grade school friends who attend Mercy with me.

I hope all of the freshmen this year felt welcomed as they entered their first week at Mercy and that it wasn’t too scary for them!

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