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Finding My Wings

Picking a high school to attend was the first major life decision that I made, and let me tell you, it was certainly not an easy one. Going into my initial search, the one thing I knew I wanted for sure was an all-girls school, so I was left with three options. I could either follow in my sister’s footsteps, or I could branch out and make a name for myself elsewhere.

I shadowed all three all-girls schools multiple times and was still conflicted. I decided to make lists to compare and contrast all the schools. Obviously, my final decision was to come to Mercy, and this was because of the rich history and traditions, the close-knit community, and the array of academic and extracurricular opportunities.

I came from Mary Our Queen with about a dozen other girls, so I felt pretty comfortable from a social side coming into Mercy. At least one of them was in all of my classes, so I knew I could fall back onto my grade school friends if I didn’t know anyone else. At the time, this situation seemed like a blessing to me, but as I reflect on it, it seems like a little bit of a curse as well. It made me less inclined to branch out and make new friends. I was too comfortable.

One thing I’ve learned at Mercy is that sometimes you need to put yourself in an uncomfortable position in order to grow as an individual and learn more about yourself. I think that acknowledging this fact after my freshman year is what has made me so successful at Mercy. I’ve challenged myself to get involved, push myself academically, be a leader, and ultimately be my best self. There have definitely been times when I’ve fallen short, but Mercy has also taught me that mistakes do not define who or what I am. What defines me is how I learn and move on from them.

I don’t think I ever could have imagined as a freshman where I would be today. Mercy has surprised me, challenged me, supported me, and molded me. I feel like I have changed so much in the past three years. I believe I have grown more confident, more feisty, and more empathetic from all of my experiences.

The community at Mercy High School is one that you cannot find anywhere else in the city or even country. As I am now one of the role models for the underclasswomen, I hope to reassure them that they will find comfort within the walls of Mercy High School when immerse themselves in the activities and traditions, work hard academically, and ultimately, just be themselves

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