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A New Beginning

As every single teacher, parent and Mercy girl will tell the class of 2018, college is going to be a new beginning for us and it is coming soon. For many of my classmates it will truly be a new thing. Yet for me, college is simply another new beginning. A new one that I hope reminisces the beginning of my sophomore year of high school.

My mother has since told me that my parents had no choice in this, but it was a choice for me to go to someplace that I had fallen in love with from the first time I shadowed as an eighth grader. Why I didn’t go to Mercy for ninth grade, I don’t know, and I regret missing freshman year. However, I do not regretting finally coming to Mercy.

This was my fourth new school, yet the first beginning of something wonderful. The day of orientation I was greeted by the ever cheerful Student Council, and I quickly hit it off with a girl with a personality strikingly akin to my own. Wynter Woodworth, Rachel Walter and I bonded over the mutual love of anime while Lillian Kraft would roll her eyes at our antics every five minutes.

A middle beginning, junior year, was my trial and test with the most homework ever, yet the most strengthening year amongst my friends. Mercy welcomed several Chinese transfer students, and my friends were happy to welcome the adorable Krystal Cao to our lunch table.  We would sit with the seniors and rave about our favorite fandoms on our iPads and have long discussions about the effects stress has on the body and our various tastes of coffee.

Senior year is the final beginning. Already I’ve said too many goodbyes, and we haven’t even graduated yet! Some people have left and 100 freshmen have arrived. By the third day of school I had already stepped back into my educational routine. It’s going to be weird to go off to college, where the routine of the past three years of plaid skirts will be broken by jeans and sweatpants. Yet even as every day seems like just another school day, I know it isn’t. My friends and I still sit together, discussing the various ways we’ve injured ourselves or what we look for in the men we will meet one day. But we have matured from sophomore Mercy girls into high school seniors.

My friends have a special Mercy bond that will not be broken easily.  Instead of envying other people’s accomplishments and abilities I’ve admired these young women, and aspired to work as hard as they do. Mercy feels like the first place where I have truly belonged. College is going to begin in a year, and I hope that that new beginning will be as amazing as my Mercy beginning.

Catherine Poteat
Class of 2018. Swimmer, Mock Trial, a flair for the dramatics. -generic quote insert here- I wish me wifi were a wee bit more cooperative.
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