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Flashback to Freshman Flutters

It seems like a lifetime since I first walked through Mercy’s doors as a student. All of the first few days blur together in my mind in a mishmash of memories. Between learning new teaching styles, adapting to a new school and memorizing my schedule of classes, I had to meet my teachers, make new friends, and stumble through cross country practices.

I was extremely nervous about all of this overwhelming me or just outright failing. What I was most scared of was not being able to make friends. I have always been fairly shy so when it came time to starting over in the friendship department I thought that I would meet girls and we would sit together at lunch.  I never thought we would have a solid friendship and become best friends.

Cross country helped me out enormously. We all were in the same boat at school, plus we loved running.  I hit it off with Andrea, Adriana and Maggie instantly. Our practices were full of jokes and complaints about how awful the workouts were; our bus rides were full of laughter; our team dinners were like family dinners.

Three years later we sit at the same lunch table and have working on the Welcome Day parade and picnic together. All of us have done cross country for four years and made incredible friendships with upperclasswomen from years past as well as the younger girls who will still be at Mercy when we leave.

Since starting at Mercy, I have grown more confident in my friendships, grown to love cross country even more, and have loved the school which has watched me grow as a person, student, and friend.

Even though I never imagined attending a school that seemed more like a home, I would not have it any other way. I have come to love the girls and teachers who scared me freshman year, accepted the chaos on the stairs, and now know that long runs are a Godsend.

Here is to a senior year full of laughter, memories, and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Audrey Huse
The best memories I have made include laughing in the darkness of backstage and running around Omaha with my best friends.
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