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Four Years Later…

I don’t particularly remember a lot of details from my first week at Mercy. I remember being really excited and how it was a whirlwind the first week-and pretty much my whole freshman year. I definitely was late for a lot of my classes that first week and had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to high school. Nevertheless, I remember having a really good time and enjoying the new world of Mercy.

Attending Mercy was not my choice, but after the first week I knew I didn’t want to be anywhere else. I was pretty scared, but I was also excited because I knew right away that I was in a fun school and was ready to start that new part of life.

I only knew a few people at first, but I met so many more in just the first week of school so it didn’t really matter. I don’t actually remember the first person I met, but I do remember a lot of first impressions of people- and those have changed a lot since those first days.

My first week as a senior has been the polar opposite from freshman year.  I am no longer afraid that though I may not particularly know what to do in the moment, it’s going to turn out O.K. I would never have imagined to be able to think about college four years ago, but now I’m excited to start that part of my life. I also would have never thought about being in choir or show choir freshman year, and now it’s something that I hope to continue in college.

If I were able to talk to my freshman self I would tell her to believe in herself when it comes to school.  I have learned the extent of my abilities throughout my years at Mercy. I would also tell her to not worry about the future because, as Mercy High School has shown me, things have a way of working out pretty well in the end.

Lydia Molczyk
I'm a senior at Mercy High School. I love my dog Zeus and Vic's popcorn.
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