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Mercy High School worked on their game plays last Friday at the annual Welcome Picnic that opens the school year. The picnic was equipped with food, great weather and most importantly, a wide variety of games. The outside section of the picnic was delayed half a day but all the games and festivities were still fit into the day. Some girls took part in an aggressive game of flag football in the school gym while others took a risky chance at the water balloon toss later in the day at the picnic.

The flag football game against the teachers ended after a strong effort from the senior team, with each team pushing and nudging the other on throughout the game. The seniors unfortunately failed to win the other games but gained a couple points in the last five minutes of the final game. Nevertheless it was a great time and both sides had fun no matter the score.

When asked about how she felt about the outcome of the game, Cece Coniglio responded with “I couldn’t have expected anything less from them honestly. They were bigger than us so that played into their advantage. And I don’t think the teachers have ever lost in the football game against the seniors. All I can say is that it was fun to play against them at our last picnic! And at least we scored!“

Apart from flag football, students took to many other games. Those who chose to take part in the water balloon toss either emerged successful or failed and left with the sad, wet mark of failure. Some also attempted at the beanbag toss, which was a common favorite throughout the picnic.

Kickball was also a well liked game throughout the picnic at the park later in the afternoon. Apart from the set games for the entire school, there were also several scattered games within groups throughout the park. Some students also took to the playground, using of the newly built equipment. Many groups even chose to risk their lives and swing on the huge swing. 

No matter what activities the Mercy girls chose, the Welcome Picnic was some much needed fun after a hard week!

Lydia Molczyk
I'm a senior at Mercy High School. I love my dog Zeus and Vic's popcorn.
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