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Insider Perspective on Student Council

On April 25 Mercy High School had Student Council elections for the 2017-2018 school year. For any incoming freshman who will want to run, don’t worry!! You will all run for position at the beginning of the school year. Essentially, you need to speak for about a minute to two minutes on why you believe that you would be qualified to be on student council.

I have been on student council for two years and I strongly recommend it. Through student council I have been able to meet older girls (and now also younger) who are passionate about what Mercy has to offer. We all work very hard at every meeting to prepare the different events put on my Mercy. Some of the events include:

Welcome Dance
Spirit Week
Glow Dance
Pack the House
Mission Week
Day of Discovery

On Teacher Appreciation Day we bring in a breakfast for the teachers, which is a favorite event. 

That is my favorite part being a part of this behind-the-scenes group. We plan everything and it is fun to know some of the secrets before the rest of the school does. I am proud to have been re-elected for my junior year along with the list below–
Seniors: Hannah Fenton, Natalie Harsh, Madeline Elssaser, Annika Muse & Claire Wulff Morgan
Junior: Jordan Fett, Lexi Rains, Mayela Hernandez, Emily Erlbacher & Kate Tietjen
Sophomores: Evan Ellie, Erin Epp, Sophie Harvat, Madeline Riesberg & Sadie Weiner

2017-2018 is going to be a great year! 

Mayela Hernandez
16 years of sass// Theo James enthusiast
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