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Alert! Vending Machine Prices Raised

The Vending Machine prices have been raised!

This has been a topic of conversation at lunch these past couple of weeks. Many people have not been okay with the prices going up. Everything except the chips have been raised .25 cents, making the candy bars $1.25 and things like Pop Tarts and cookie bags $1.50.

Junior Diana Strahl agrees that this is not a good idea. “I am actually really upset about this. I have dollars, but I don’t have quarters. I want a Pop Tart.” During our chat, junior Brianna Fleek chimed in and said, “Do they really need one more quarter? This is an outrage.”

Clearly the Mercy girls are not happy about this. We want the prices to be lowered. People typically do not want to break a dollar into quarters because it makes the purse a little heavier and the sound can get kind of annoying. Many of us want the old prices back.

We will have to see if girls will still be willing to pay for more expensive treats…

Mayela Hernandez
16 years of sass// Theo James enthusiast
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