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A Bond That Cannot Be Broken

A Bond That Cannot Be Broken

It is true, the sophomore class song and prayer has been chosen. It is a very exciting Mercy tradition that brings the whole class together. Just in time for the Sophomore Talent show that is coming up on April 10th. The preparations have only brought a sense of unity. “Unity means a lot to me since I’ve gone to a Catholic school my whole life and coming here made it that much stronger because all the girls here are so inviting” Liv Vanscoy said. In many ways we will always feel a connection to our grade schools, that is where we started our learning and growing experiences, Mercy though is a place where we call home and grow a sisterhood.
The process of choosing the song was very exciting. We started off with about twelve songs expecting the list to narrow down to five. The next day coming into class we found there was still nine songs that had been voted into the top five. We had spent the whole class period listening to each of the songs where it was narrowed down to two. Our final choice was “Time of Our Lives” By Tyrone Wells. When I asked Liv if the process made her feel more united to the class she said, “Yeah some of the lyrics made me realize how close we grew.” Her favorite part of the song is when it says, “We have had the time of our lives and I will not forget the faces left behind.” It is a good line for us all to realize we will not forget our experiences and the people we have met at Mercy.
There were also a group of girls that met up after school to decide on the class prayer. It was great having the examples of the upperclass women as a guide, we were able to make the final decisions. The day after with our class song and prayer done we practiced it in our individual classes and it definitely made us feel more united.
Now that we have our song and prayer I asked what Liv what she was most excited about and she said “the Sophomore Talent show (of course) and our senior year.” How exciting it will be when we finally get the chance to show the whole school the pride we have in the class of 2019.

Mayela Hernandez
16 years of sass// Theo James enthusiast
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