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Spirit of Mercy Recognition

The faculty of MHS submits a weekly list of students who are “caught doing something good”–words and actions that reveal the little moments of living the mission of Catherine McAuley-the “Spirit of Mercy”.

November recipients are-

Ava Blessie (12), Izzy Brown (12) and Lauren Ramaekers (11) for being so helpful at Mass.

Delaney Burggraff (11) for consistently welcoming people into our school so politely, so self-directed in project completion and well mannered as the receptionist.

 Evan Elie (9) and Mia Rodriguez (9) for kindly and compassionately helping a student who was sick.

 Hannah Fenton (11) for her strong participation in class and her dedication to Student Council.

 Nyabuoy Kume (10) for helping Mrs. Dunn with equipment without being asked.

 Anna Wilson (12) for donating candy for the senior class to Boo other rooms

Audra Pflug (10) – for encouraging a fellow student to do her best and doing extra to get her through her workout!

Sarah Blaylock (12) for helping out 2nd hour when there is no work study student.

 Kaylie Daniels (12) for leaving the field trip early to help a sick classmate.

 Madeline Elsasser (11) for saving the day at the Memorial Mass.  The food hadn’t shown up and she stepped up and made sure it got over here in time!

 Nyasibit Kume (11) for instinctively opening the door for a teacher who had her hands full.

Mayela Hernandez (10) for always carrying the cans into the theology classroom–every day–during spirit week, just out of the kindness of her heart!

Amy Klein
Teacher, Convergence of Media
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