Getting Back to Normal – PA Style!

The seniors were shocked when an unexpected announcement rang throughout the school on Monday. It was PA! After a semester of intense anticipation, the special day had finally arrived. For the first time since 2020, seniors were treated to a live production of PA. Also known as Prom Announcement, PA

Home Away From Home: A Semester at Mercy High School

Sporting colorful posters, Student Ambassadors lined the drop-off lane to welcome Mercy students back on the first day of school. New and returning Monarchs were finally able to reconnect with one another after summer vacation. The vibrant atmosphere buzzed through the newly renovated classrooms as Welcome Week festivities began. The

College Prep at Mercy

Mercy offers students ample opportunity to prepare for the future. We prepare students academically, and provide them all with the same educational opportunities. As an added benefit, we also help them expand their knowledge about more modern fields with classes such as Convergence of Media and Graphic Design. As a

Seniors React to PA

PA is an important part of senior year, with seniors attempting all year long to figure out when it’s going to happen. This year’s PA was perhaps the most shocking PA, as the Juniors completely fooled their upperclassmen. Revealing clues throughout the day until the third period, the Juniors had

Updated So Not Outdated

For the past few months Mercy High school has been working on many projects. These projects are renovations that are modernizing the school. These modernizations to the building are all thanks to the donors that provided them. Donors are what Mercy thrives on to make these changes possible. In 2021

PA as an underclassman

On January 11, 2022, MHS juniors put on the annual "prom announcement", or PA. PA is a favorite tradition of many teachers and students. One of the best kept secrets at Mercy, PA announces the theme of prom for the seniors. The seniors spend all year trying to wiggle out

PA Back in Person

On Monday January 10, 2022 Pa “Prom Announcement” occurred. Due to Covid last year we were not able to do a proper PA in person. This year, the juniors were able to perform live with masks, which means they were able to continue all of the traditions of PA without